Deep Cleaning mission



I believe that there are two types of cleaning. The “shallow” clean and the “deep” clean. Let’s be honest. In between work we clean when we have energy. Other than that it is just quickly wiping, putting things away or tidying up after cooking. We are all guilty of it, shallow cleaning. It makes me feel guilty when I see some of the dust starting to build. So now I am going to set myself a goal. To “deep” clean every space in my house. No quick surface cleaning. I started with the lounge room. The TV area was first followed by the edges of the walls and floors. Next came the windows and tables. Finally I vacuumed every area of the couch. Four hours later, brand new deep cleaned lounge room. Tomorrow onto the linen cupboard…..


Keeping those threads organised



Organisation is super important when learning to sew. It ensures that you use your time more effectively and can focus on developing high standard projects. Loose threads drive me crazy. I was wrapped when I came across this thread container on sale at Spotlight. For ten dollars, this was a steal!

Milo Balls tray




A great reminder that Christmas is a time of giving and sharing. I adapted this recipe to make a milo ball Christmas platter.
1/2 cup of coconut
1 packet of Marie biscuits
4 tablespoons of Milo
I tin of light condensed milk

Combine the coconut and Milo in a small bowl. I like to use the blender to quickly crush the biscuits. Mix all dry ingredients and then add the tin of condensed milk. Remove small chunks and roll into balls. I add a small layer of coconut to the top of each ball when rolling. Then refrigerate for half an hour. Once cold melt chocolate, pour on top and add Christmas sprinkles. People can break off and enjoy!

Merry Christmas to all!

Gift bags


Continuing on from my previous post, the Mini tote can be used as a storage to hand out presents and cards. Place them on a table & they look fantastic. Quick and easy way to get into the Christmas spirit.