Milo Balls tray




A great reminder that Christmas is a time of giving and sharing. I adapted this recipe to make a milo ball Christmas platter.
1/2 cup of coconut
1 packet of Marie biscuits
4 tablespoons of Milo
I tin of light condensed milk

Combine the coconut and Milo in a small bowl. I like to use the blender to quickly crush the biscuits. Mix all dry ingredients and then add the tin of condensed milk. Remove small chunks and roll into balls. I add a small layer of coconut to the top of each ball when rolling. Then refrigerate for half an hour. Once cold melt chocolate, pour on top and add Christmas sprinkles. People can break off and enjoy!

Merry Christmas to all!


Cans, can, cans


Another great starter craft project is can art. Take a tin can. Washed and clean of course! Select a paper design. You can use washi tape if you want. I prefer mod podge. Using a rotary cutter, measure the length of paper needed. (See below). Mod podge the paper as well as the can. For those of you who have no idea what mod podge is, here is a quick snapshot below.


Slowly glue the paper to the can and completely cover the outer layer with mod podge. Wait until it dries. Tie ribbon around it and line with tissue paper. The possibilities for designs are endless! Enjoy.





Job card idea



A quick and simple idea for when my stepson stayed over. Constantly asking for extra cash, I used the hit glue gun to glue on letters. I then hole punched a hook and attached it to the fridge. Every extra job, he hole punched the card. When ten holes were reached, he got an extra bonus like a movie trip. Great idea that I picked up.

Start small


The very first thing that I did was to start really small. I has never of a hot glue gun before nor had I used one. This was my very first investment!

Sticks of glue are loaded into the gun. When squeezed, hot glue is produced which is excellent for well when you need to glue. These are the sticks that can be loaded. They come in different sizes.

So I picked up a cheap magnetic whiteboard to post ideas and inspiration.


I simply purchased some letters for a few dollars. Then it was a matter of glueing the letters on. I also picked a quote from my scrapbooking paper.