Smash Book design



A design this week. I just try and think of how I feel, the mood that I am in as well as what I could record. Smash books are great because there are no rules, sets or too much planning and thinking. Perfect for people like me on the go!


Gift bags


Continuing on from my previous post, the Mini tote can be used as a storage to hand out presents and cards. Place them on a table & they look fantastic. Quick and easy way to get into the Christmas spirit.





Mini patten book



One thing that I find frustrating when learning to sew is keeping track of patterns and guides. It is often frustrating tracking tutorials on computer screens so I found a website called Print Friendly.
Every time I find a decent pattern I paste the link, remove the unwanted features and save it as a .pdf file. Then when I need it, I print it and place it in a folder.

To speed along the pattern process, I simply draw the pattern dimensions on tracing paper and file this. Placing a tab on the side helps me to quickly locate patterns. I wonder what else I can trace patterns onto.




Christmas Gift design: Carley’s Gift Tote bar



Ok, what a busy time Christmas time is. As a teacher, the end of year is so busy that I don’t have time to breathe. I wanted to kill two birds with one stone so to speak. Continue to learn to sew as well as gift Christmas gifts. So I thought what do most people love. My first thought was relaxing. So “Carley’s Gift Tote bar” was born. Firstly I learnt to sew a mini book tote. I used the tutorial listed below. Except I placed gifts in it.

Then I sewed and sewed until I had about fifteen designs. Next I learnt to sew a sunglasses case. The tutorial that I used was amazing. Here’s the link:

I am finding it easier to learn to sew by doing one project over and over. This way I am learning from my mistakes!

Then, what do most people like to use when relaxing: hot & cold packs. This one was trick as there were so any tutorials out there. So I simply traced a pattern shape, drew a 1 cm border and stitched it around three sides. After flipping it, ironing it and filling it with rice I added two drops of essential lavender oil.

Lastly I repeated the same process for the heat packs. I simply added labels & ribbon and behold….Carley’s Gift Tote Bar!!






Then I lined all of the bags, heat packs & sunnies cases up. People had a ball picking which designs they wanted to include in their gift pack.


Smash book page design



I will try and upload some of my smash book journal designs. At the moment, I am in love with the little owls. I have gone from a heavy metal hot head to a sewer smash booker! Who figured that age mellowed people! So I simply got a project life owl card, selected some washi tape and then a large owl sheet. Then it was a matter of selecting a layout, applying glue and the tape. Can’t wait to write on this page.

Sewing basics: winding a bobbin



One thing that I understood quite quickly was winding a bobbin. Once I got it, I revised it so many times until I could do it with my eyes closed. I won’t use technical language as that is what confuses me the most about many sewing tutorials. So, here are the steps that I took:
1. Place your cotton on the rod. Make sure that the thread is in the direction as per your machine instructions.
2. Wind the thread twice around the small circular winder.
3. Pull the thread through ONE of the top holes in your bobbin
4. Clip it on the bobbin winder and push it to the left.
5. Pull the large circular knob on the side of the machine out.

Hold the top thread with one hand. Press the petal and watch it go. I repeated this process until it was second nature.