Christmas Gift design: Carley’s Gift Tote bar



Ok, what a busy time Christmas time is. As a teacher, the end of year is so busy that I don’t have time to breathe. I wanted to kill two birds with one stone so to speak. Continue to learn to sew as well as gift Christmas gifts. So I thought what do most people love. My first thought was relaxing. So “Carley’s Gift Tote bar” was born. Firstly I learnt to sew a mini book tote. I used the tutorial listed below. Except I placed gifts in it.

Then I sewed and sewed until I had about fifteen designs. Next I learnt to sew a sunglasses case. The tutorial that I used was amazing. Here’s the link:

I am finding it easier to learn to sew by doing one project over and over. This way I am learning from my mistakes!

Then, what do most people like to use when relaxing: hot & cold packs. This one was trick as there were so any tutorials out there. So I simply traced a pattern shape, drew a 1 cm border and stitched it around three sides. After flipping it, ironing it and filling it with rice I added two drops of essential lavender oil.

Lastly I repeated the same process for the heat packs. I simply added labels & ribbon and behold….Carley’s Gift Tote Bar!!






Then I lined all of the bags, heat packs & sunnies cases up. People had a ball picking which designs they wanted to include in their gift pack.