Smash book Design



Here is the latest smash book design. Can’t wait to start recording my ideas and thoughts.


Smash Book design



A design this week. I just try and think of how I feel, the mood that I am in as well as what I could record. Smash books are great because there are no rules, sets or too much planning and thinking. Perfect for people like me on the go!

Smash book page design



I will try and upload some of my smash book journal designs. At the moment, I am in love with the little owls. I have gone from a heavy metal hot head to a sewer smash booker! Who figured that age mellowed people! So I simply got a project life owl card, selected some washi tape and then a large owl sheet. Then it was a matter of selecting a layout, applying glue and the tape. Can’t wait to write on this page.