Tote bag recipe


So the new year brings resolutions. The best thing that I read was the concept of “taking up” rather than giving up. As soon as people think that they will miss out, they seek it. So I am changing my mindset and “becoming”. Last year I became a non smoker. This year my goal is to become a more confident sewer. I have just taken up the challenge to learn to sew and one thing that I have discovered is that the style of tote bags that I like share a “layout”. It’s just resized on some blogs. Basically you have:
1. Two side panels that are the same height as your bag
2. One front panel
3. One back panel
4. A bottom panel
5. Two handles

One you understand how to sew the two side panels to the front and back panels the formula is simple. You can simply change the fabric and the size. I have created many bags to practise. I just resized and experiment with interfacing. Loving the results!!